SEBILLO Monica Maria LuciaScientific Director
TORTORA GenoveffaMember
TUCCI MaurizioMember
VITIELLO GiulianaMember
DE CHIARA DavideExternal Collaborator
DEL FATTO VincenzoExternal Collaborator
FARRUGGIA SergioExternal Collaborator
GRIMALDI MicheleExternal Collaborator
RENZI GianluigiExternal Collaborator


The Geographical Information Systems Laboratory (LabGIS) offers researchers and students with different skills the opportunity to collaborate in research activities on various issues related to geographic information and geomatics, ranging from modeling and design of spatial databases to the realization of applications for their management (also on mobile devices) and through location-based services (LBS), from the study and evolution of international standards to the interoperability of spatial (open) data. Moreover, the multidisciplinary nature of the considered themes allows a strong synergy also with activities carried out within the Human-Computer Interaction and Usability and Visual Languages ​​and Information Visualization laboratories.
The LabGIS is the Operating Office of the Association AMFM GIS Italia.

Research and development fields

  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Location based Services
  • Mobile GIS Applications
  • Visual Summary
  • Human-GIS Interaction
  • GeoInformation Visualization
  • Open Geodata
  • Spatial Decision Support Systems
  • Augmented Reality

Contact Information

Geographical Information Systems Laboratory (LabGIS)
Department of Computer Science
University of Salerno
Via Giovanni Paolo II, 132 - I-84084 - Fisciano (Salerno) - Italy
Building F2 - Invariante 12B